A 4-Day cruise visiting the amazing and unique Anavilhanas Archipelago. You will get to learn about the flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest, watch a stunning sunrise, meet the pink dolphins and experience the fantastic Meeting of the Waters!

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Day 1: Welcome to the mighty Amazon!

We will depart from the pier in Manaus to board on to the MV Desafio at 02 p.m, your floating hotel for the next three nights. Once on board, the multilingual naturalist guide will host a “welcome to the Amazon” briefing highlighting the broad spectrum of life in this unique region. The guide will assist in the identification of the flora and fauna, providing a historical framework and enrich your ecological understanding of this unusual destination and of the natural world. Start sailing bound “Tres Bocas”, located in the archipelago of Anavilhanas, the largest river archipelago in the world, with its lakes, islands, creeks and flooded forests. Dinner on board. In the evening, guests will enjoy a pleasant walk in motorized canoes for local recognition, an opportunity to hear the jungle. 

Included: Dinner + Water + Guide + Visits mentioned

Day 2: The Anavilhanas Islands

At 05:30 a.m, we will have a boat ride to admire the sunrise in the forest and the birds singing in their diversity. Returning to the ship we will have breakfast. Later, in motorized canoes, navigate along the river to a site trails for a walk with for observation of the flora and fauna of the region. Returning to the ship, we will have lunch on board, while cruising towards the indigenous community “Terra Preta”, whose visit is an opportunity to meet the lifestyle and habits of the Indigenous. Returning on board, we will start navigating towards Jaraqui’ village. By motorized canoes, after a pleasant river expedition, stop in land for an interesting jungle trekking to explore the fauna and flora. Returning to the boat, we will have dinner on board. 

Inlcuded: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Water + Guide + Visits mentioned 

Day 3: The Meeting of the Waters

We will have breakfast on board, and sail to a local village named ‘Acajatuba’. On the way, we will stop at the floating station ‘Recanto dos Botos’ to interact with the pink dolphins, and feed the famous fish ‘Pirarucu’, known as the cod of the Amazon. We will have lunch on board and departure, navigating along the Negro River towards the borders of the Solimões until reach the “meeting of waters”, where the Negro and Solimões rivers meet to form the great Amazon River. The cruise continues to ‘Janauari’ Lake for another exciting experience, fishing the piranha, the dreaded Amazonian fish. We will have dinner on board, and then, canoe ride along the streams in search of caimans and other nocturnal animals with flashlights. Return aboard. Overnight. 

Inlcuded: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Water + Guide + Visits mentioned

Day 4: Exploring the River

After another tropical breakfast, departure to see the giants and beautiful Amazonian water lilies, another opportunity to explore the Negro River. We will return aboard and start the trip back to Manaus, arriving at 11 a.m in the city.

Included: Breakfast + Guide + Visits mentioned


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