Located in western Pará, Alter do Chão is a fishing village that belongs to the city of Santarém.

The average annual temperature in Alter do Chão is 26°C/79°F.


During the month of September, when sandbanks and beaches are more visible due to the ebbing of the Tapajós river. The temperature in September is also milder.


Ilha do Amor: favorite of tourists and responsible for the fame of Alter do Chão, the island is a sandbank of the Tapajós River, with numerous kiosks that serve snacks and fish of the region, such as the tucunare. To get there, you have to take a catraia (wooden boat) on the small local pier.

Ponta de Pedras: Covered by bauxites that form submerged caves, the beach has fine white sand, which contrasts with the formations. It is located in a village which wears the same name, where you can find inns and restaurants serving fish dishes native of the region.

Ponutos do Cururu and Muretá: ideal for those who are looking for calm. There are no kiosks or sellers, just a privileged spot to enjoy the sunset at Tapajós and watch the dolphins that live on the river.

Floresta Encantada do Caranazal: a true aquatic labyrinth formed when the waters of the igarapés rise and overflow. The crystal-clear water creates an incredible scenery, with roots and treetops blending.

Lago Verde: surrounded by white sand beaches and in a V format, it is the meeting point between the lake and the Tapajós River in times of flood. In the dry season, the water level is lower and the lake separates from the river by a river bar about one kilometer in length.


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- Airport:  Aeroporto Internacional de Santarém - Maestro Wilson Fonseca


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