BRAZIL VIP TAILOR-MADE TOURS VIAGENS E TURISMO LTDA. is a travel agency registered with the EMBRATUR organization, belonging to the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism, under the number 18.206.588/0001-08 (equivalent to the National Society of Travel Agencies in France – SNAV). 


CNPJ: 18.206.588/0001-08
Av. Paulista, nº 171, 10 andar, Bela Vista – São Paulo/SP – Brasil 
E-mail: [email protected]


The conditions mentioned below apply to tours in Brazil. These conditions do not apply to simple reservations of hotel nights, flights, or other isolated services (transfers, guided tours, etc.). 

2.1 – Confirmation 
Any confirmation of a tour/stay, made by BRAZIL VIP TAILOR-MADE TOURS VIAGENS E TURISMO LTDA. is conditioned by the payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the services, except for trips made during holidays, New Year’s Eve and Carnival period where the amount of the deposit will be fixed according to the specific conditions of the local providers. For any registration less than 30 (thirty) days before the date of the trip, the payment must be made at one time and for the total amount of the trip. The confirmation will be considered final only after the reception of this payment accompanied by the information requested by our agency.

2.2 – Payment
After acceptance of the quote by the client and payment of the deposit, an invoice will be sent to you. Any delay in the payment of the balance may be considered a cancellation and cancellation fees will be applicable.

2.3 – Way of payment
Our agency allows customers to pay for their trip:
– Payment by bank transfer to the bank account of the company BRAZIL VIP in Brazil (Banco Santander);
– Payment by credit card VISA/MASTERCARD/DINERS/AMERICAN EXPRESS. Payment abroad in local currency (REAL). Please check with your bank for any fees that may be applied to the transaction. 


3.1 – Administrative and health formalities
BRAZIL VIP TAILOR-MADE TOURS VIAGENS E TURISMO LTDA. provides this information for all French nationals. When the administrative formalities to be accomplished to enter Brazil or Argentina (Iguazu border) require a visa or any other type of authorization, the non-French nationals will have to consult the Brazilian or Argentinean Consulate of their country. It is the client’s responsibility to complete the formalities to obtain the visa or other authorizations from the competent authorities at his own expense. Foreign nationals must obtain information on administrative formalities (passport, visa, etc.) and health formalities (vaccinations) from the relevant embassies or consulates. It is strongly recommended that the client verify all information with the relevant authorities.

BRAZIL VIP TAILOR-MADE TOURS VIAGENS E TURISMO LTDA. will not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the consequences of the client’s failure to comply with customs or health regulations, before and during the trip. A customer who cannot board a flight because he/she has not presented the required documents cannot claim any refund. For more information, we invite you to consult the website of the Brazilian Consulate in Paris


Less than 30 (thirty) days before the initial date of the trip, any request to modify a service (hotel, transfer, meal, etc…), included in the package, must be submitted in writing to BRAZIL VIP TAILOR-MADE TOURS VIAGENS E TURISMO LTDA. Any modification is likely to generate additional costs (to be verified according to the service providers), which must be paid, at the latest, ten (10) days before the initial date of the trip. 

Any change in air or ground service or any request to change the name or part of the spelling of the name, after the ticket has been issued, will be considered as a cancellation followed by a re-registration. Therefore, a cancellation fee may be applied. When registering and booking air travel, we ask that you verify that the spelling of the names (First and Last Names) are identical to those on the passports.


At any time, the requested services may be canceled according to the following cancellation conditions:   

– A service fee of €100,00 per person.
– 20% of the total price of the trip if the cancellation is requested up to 90 days before the start of the trip.
– 30% of the total price of the trip if the cancellation is requested between 90 (ninety) days and 30 (thirty) days before the trip, except during the New Year and Carnival periods, for which no refund will be made.
– 100% of the total price of the trip if the cancellation is requested within 30 (thirty) days of the trip.
– After the start of the trip, no refunds will be made on services already paid for, for any reason whatsoever.
– Airline tickets are non-transferable and non-endorsable. In the case of cancellation of airline tickets, refunds will be limited to the standards of the airline.
– Refunds, after deduction of fees, in accordance with the conditions stipulated above, will be made by bank transfer starting ten (10) days after receipt of the trip cancellation.
– In the event of cancellation, expenses outside of the packages and incurred by the customer such as visa fees, travel documents, vaccination fees, will not be refunded.
– In the case of a group trip, the cancellation of a part of the participants could lead to an increase in the price of transfers and visits, which will not be reimbursed in order not to harm the other participants.


6.1. Modification, force majeure

Flight schedules, departure and arrival airports, aircraft types, transport companies and itineraries may be modified without notice. These modifications as well as any technical incident external to BRAZIL VIP, such as: delays, cancellations, additional stopovers, changes of aircraft, routes and political or climatic events, may result in modifications to the trip schedule, without any right to reimbursement or material or financial compensation by BRAZIL. In case of flight delay of more than 2 hours, independently of our will, our receptive teams could be led to ask you a compensation for the waiting time at the airport. 

6.2. Luggage

When purchasing your airline tickets, check the baggage conditions stipulated by the airline companies. Your luggage remains your responsibility at all times. In case of luggage loss, BRAZIL VIP cannot be held responsible.

BRAZIL VIP strongly advises the subscription of an assistance/cancellation insurance (which will have to observe the maximum purchase period imposed by the insurance companies).
– For French nationals, we recommend Chapka Insurance. The subscription to the insurance contract must be made by the client, within a maximum of 48 hours after the payment of your trip to our agency.
– When paying for a trip by credit card, insurance is often included. For more information, please contact your bank.


In accordance with the law, we may be obliged to modify our prices and programs to consider:
– Variations in the cost of transportation, particularly in relation to the cost of fuel.
– Variations in fees and taxes related to the services provided such as landing, embarkation, and disembarkation taxes.
– The price may be revised according to major variations in the exchange rate (over 30%). In this case, the reviewed part is equal to 100% of the price except for the price of international flights.
– Upon signature of the contract, or agreement by any other electronic means, the price is firm and definitive. It is expressed in Euros (Real base) and cannot be modified by either party except in accordance with the two points authorized by law (variation in the cost of transport and variation in fees and taxes relating to the services provided).
– In case of price modification for the above-mentioned cases, BRAZIL VIP commits to inform the client by phone and by e-mail. In case of registration of several clients on the same file number, the price per client is different according to the number of persons registered on the file. Consequently, in case of cancellation of one or more clients, the price of the services for the remaining clients may be different from the initial price. Any refusal on the part of the remaining clients to pay the new price will be considered as a cancellation on the part of the client.


The services not used on site (transfers, excursions, accommodation, car rental, flights…) will not be reimbursed. Services voluntarily modified on site are subject to the conditions of the local service providers and suppliers. Additional or replacement services, generating an extra cost, must be paid directly to the local providers and suppliers and cannot in any case engage the responsibility of BRAZIL VIP.


BRAZIL VIP cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the following events
– Loss or theft of airline tickets (airlines do not issue duplicates).
– Failure to present or presentation of outdated, erroneous or insufficiently valid identity and/or health documents (identity card, passport, visas) or documents that do not comply with the indications on the registration form, at the customs or check-in police station. In case of failure to check in (including late boarding), 100% of the total amount of the trip will be retained.
– Incidents or unforeseeable and insurmountable events of a foreign third party such as wars, political unrest, airspace congestion, the bankruptcy of a service provider, bad weather, delays, breakdowns, loss or theft of luggage, or other effects. Delay(s) caused by any of the above events, as well as any resulting changes in itinerary, shall not result in any compensation whatsoever, in particular, due to a change in the duration of the program initially planned or a delay in a connection. Any additional costs related to a disruption (tax, hotel, meals…) will be charged to the customer.
– Cancellation imposed by circumstances of force majeure and/or for reasons of customer safety and/or by order of an administrative authority.



BRAZIL VIP is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and the security of all information collected. When you make a reservation through the website, we need to collect information about you to process the transaction and fulfill your request. This information includes, but is not limited to, details such as your name, and contact information (email, phone). When you submit a request via our email forms, we also collect your name and email address so that we can respond to your request or make inquiries as quickly as possible.


When you submit a reservation request, we use the information collected in several ways:

– Personal identification and verification (to fulfill your reservation with the hotel or other services; to allow customer service to contact you, if necessary; to improve the website.

We disclose your information to third parties (such as our hotels) only to complete your transaction with us, to provide you with the services you have contracted for, and for our administrative purposes. We do not sell, rent or trade your personal information to third parties for commercial purposes. Unless prohibited by law or by our contractual obligations, we reserve the right to disclose customer information if required by law, court order, or other government or legal authority, or if we believe that disclosure is necessary or advisable. These situations apply: to enforce, maintain or apply contracts with our customers; to protect the rights or property of BRAZIL VIP, our affiliates, our customers, or others; or when we have reason to believe that disclosing this information may be necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to our rights or property, either intentionally or unintentionally, or when the injury may be caused to someone as a result of these activities. Like most websites, there is some information that we automatically track, such as the URL you came from, the browser you are using, and your IP address. This data is used to improve the services of and does not include any personally identifying information.


When transmitted over the Internet, your credit card information is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This information is only used to pay for services booked with our company. It is stored securely at all times, is not used for any other purpose, and will never be disclosed to any third party without authorization.


Any complaints must be addressed to:

Av. Paulista, nº 171, 10 andar, Bela Vista – São Paulo/SP – Brasil


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