In the State of Mato Grosso; located approximately 65 kilometers away from Cuiaba, capital of the State. The average annual temperature is approximately 23 ⁰C/73°F.


Between April and September.


Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Guimarães: has an area of 330 km ², where we find observatories, cave paintings, rock formations and several waterfalls: like the Bridal Veil and the circuit of waterfalls that consists of six falls. The Park still reserve many surprises, as: floating along the River, bathing in the well “Poço da Anta”, visit the stone town (walls arriving at 350 metres high) and the stone house (small sandstone Cave).

Caverna Aroe Jari (cave): also known as the abode of souls, with approximately 1.5 km long; it’s the largest in the country. It has some snippets submerged and magnificent cave paintings.

Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon): this crystal clear lagoon, inside the Aroe Jari cave, is a must

Caverna Kiogo Brado: the cave is 273 meters long and is the home of a watercourse. The entry and the exit of the cave impress visitors; entry by it height (30 metres) and the output as higher, provides an unforgettable view of the interior of the cave.

Mirante do Centro Geodésico (Geodesic Center): 845 m above sea level and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Chapada. On clear days you can see the city of Cuiabá, located approximately 30 km away.


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- Airports:  Aeroporto Internacional de Cuiabá - Marechal Rondon


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