Island of the coast of the State of Bahia, nearby the island of Tinharé, where is located Morro de São Paulo. It is considered being the second most beautiful island of South America. The annual average temperature revolves around 25⁰C/77°F.


During the summer. It is advisable to avoid the months between april and july; it’s the rainy season.


Beach: the ideal place for those who want to relax; there are 20 km of beaches of clear waters, with palm trees and a lot of peace. The beaches are magnificent and semi-desert.

Boat ride: skirting the island, passing through natural pools and other beaches like “Ponta dos Castelhanos” and “Coroa da Onça”.

Walk on the beach: admiring the blue sea, the palm trees and enjoy the natural pools on the way. At the end of the walk, enjoy a stew of fish or lobster in the fishermen’s tents; it’s an excellent choice.

Natural pools of Moreré: here, diving in a crystal clear water among colorful fishes is a “must”; it’s a real Sea Aquarium.

Ponta de Castelhanos: deserted beach and almost without structure. This is where snorkelling and cylinder lovers meet.



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- Airports:  Salvador (SSA) - Ilheus (ILS)


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