Located in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, in the south region of the state of Rio de Janeiro and approximately 120 km away from the state capital, Ilha Grande has a protected area of ​​190 square kilometers and a coastline of 130 km. The annual average temperature is approximately 23°C/ 73°F ; in the hottest months, the average is 25°C/77°F and in the colder months, around 19°C/66°F .


Between the months of April and July, when days are clear and temperatures are pleasant.

The city is busiest between the months of December and February, corresponding to the summer in Brazil, when it usually rains at the end of the day.

In the months of June, July and December is when the parties and music festivals star!


Over 100 beaches on one single island!

Lagoa Azul: natural swimming pool with clear waters, protected by small islands (Macacos, Cumprida and Redonda). In the high season, floating bars offer snacks and drinks. One of the best places for snorkeling.

Praia do Caxadaço: one of the most beautiful and untamed beaches, with transparent turquoise waters surrounded by the Atlantic forest and protected by stones and shores.

Praia Lopes Mendes: with approximately 3 km of fine white sand, transparent waters in various shades and a natural shadow that comes from the almond trees. Thanks for this scenario it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Brazilian coast. The Lopes Mendes beach is an excellent choice for diving and surfing lovers.

Praia Saco do Céu: although named “beach”, it is in fact a bay, because it lacks wide strips of sand. It is considered an ecological sanctuary due to the huge amount of animal and plant species found here. It is worth remembering that it is a great place to enjoy a delicious moqueca - a typical Brazilian dish.

Praia do Aventureiro: beautiful and secluded, located within the area protected by the Biological Reserve. In days when the sea is rough, surfers can enjoy good waves. The place is simple, with no electricity or inns.  

Praia da Feiticeira: crystalline waters, golden sand, small and isolated.

Lagoa Verde: with calm and green waters and in a "U" format, it is difficult to say which one is the most beautiful, Lagoa Azul or Lagoa Verde.



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- Airports:  Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro - Galeão / Aeroporto do Rio de Janeiro - Santos Dumont / Aeroporto de Angra dos Reis


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