Is a district in the municipality of Bahia of Mata de São João, in the so-called Costa dos Coqueiros, approximately 70 km away from Salvador, capital of Bahia State, and 10 km away from Praia do Forte. The annual average temperature revolves around the 24 ⁰C / 75°F.


During the summer. It is advisable to avoid the rainy months, between April and July.


Beach: Enjoy the tranquillity and the crystal-clear waters of blue-green tone, circumvented by huge coconut trees.

Rio Imbassaí: Enjoy a bath of fresh water in the river that runs parallel to the sea.

Dunes: Walk by the beautiful and gigantic dunes and enjoy a good typical food by the Rio Imbassaí.

Village center of town: formed by two blocks, where restaurants, inns, bars, shops and cashew trees divide the space.


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- Airports:  Aeroporto Internacional de Salvador - Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães


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