Ilha de Tinharé, in the state of Bahia, 272 km away from Salvador. The average annual temperature is 24°C/75°F , with a minimum of 21°C/69°F  and a maximum of 30°C/86°F.


As in the Northeast in general, the sun shines practically all year round. Between March and May, it rains more frequently.

Between July and October whales that measure up to 16 meters can be spotted.


Beaches: seven of them are known to be the most beautiful ones. In the first one, between crystal-clear waters and white sand, native tents offer typical dishes. High waves, in winter, make the surfers happy. The second, very close to the city center (10 minute-walk), is the busiest. Charming inns, kiosks with music and parties days and nights. The third and fourth are excellent diving spots, with coral reefs and colorful fishes. In the fourth, a 50-meter zipline assures adventure-lovers moments of pure adrenaline.

Tours: a tour of the Ilha de Tinharé can last up to 8 hours, as it gives an overview of the archipelago and allows visitors to enjoy beautiful natural pools, diving and the tasting of lobster and oysters, as well a visit to the historic town of Tinharé. A short drive leads to Ponta do Curral, a place of semi-deserted beaches and untouchable beauties. By car, in a 4X4 vehicle, you will go to Garapuá, a calm beach of smooth waters, white sand and lush vegetation.

Fortaleza de Tapirandu: besides its beautiful beaches, Morro de São Paulo also has a lot of history, such as the fort built in 1630, from where you can admire the spectacle of dolphins and a wonderful sunset.

Lighthouse: built in 1855, it is 10 minutes away from the city center. The view of the sunset is a must.

Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Luz: built in the nineteenth century, in Baroque style, it houses relics from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Fonte Grande: built in 1746. Around it, it appeared the first houses of the city, which now hosts bars, restaurants and inns.


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- Airports: Aeroporto Internacional de Salvador — Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães


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