Located in the Northeast region of the country, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte takes up an área of approximately 167 square kilometers.  The average drops to 24C/75°F.


Summer is the best period. In the months of December and February the main local festivities take place, like the Carnival and the revelry of Santos Reis.

The period between March and July is the rainy season.


Known as the sun city, Natal is good for all those who are tired of winter and seek sun and warm water beaches.

Forte dos Reis Magos: built in the 16th century by the Portuguese and occupied by the Dutch in 1633, from which you have a beautiful view of the city and the Potenji River.

Farol de Mãe Luiza: a 37-meters high lighthouse, from which it is possible to appreciate the Areia Preta, Genipabu and Ponta Negra beaches.

Memorial Câmara Cascudo: built in the nineteenth century in neoclassical style in honor of the intellectual of the same name. The building that host the Ministry of Treasury until the mid-twentieth century, today holds 15,000 volumes that vary between history, biographies, religion and folklore, as well as correspondences exchanged between Brazilian intellectuals.

Teatro Alberto Maranhão: built in neoclassical style is one of the most beautiful buildings in Natal. The symphony orchestra of Rio Grande do Norte and the ballet of the municipal company occupy this space, which is listed as a National Historical Patrimony site.

Tourist center: built in the nineteenth century, it was previously a prison before being transformed into a tourist center. The old cells became northeastern handcraft shops and the courtyard of the old prison, on Thursday evenings, turns into an open-air ballroom for the celebration of Forró with Tourists.

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosário: a church built in the XVIII century by black slaves. Its prime location offers a beautiful view of the Potenji River.

A Barreira do Inferno: South America's first space rocket launcher.

Parque das Dunas: first preservation site of Rio Grande do Norte created in 1977. Dunes and native forest offers three options of guided hiking trails. For the most prepared :  a trail of approximately 4.5 km, which ends at the belvedere, with a beautiful view of the sea. Another option is the trail of 2.5km, which passes by a viewpoint overlooking the Morro do Careca; and the less arduous 800mts that also has its charm.


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- Airport:  Aeroporto Internacional Governador Aluízio Alves


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