State of Mato Grosso do Sul, approximately 200 kilometres away from Campo Grande, the State capital. The annual average temperature revolves around the 24 ⁰ C/75°F.


During the dry season (between May and September) is the best time to see animals pantaneiros. Is the ideal period for ecological walks and photographic safaris. During the rainy season (October to may), the flood season, the beauty of water and vegetation is indescribable. During this period the boats can make longer trips and excursions in 4 x 4 vehicle and horse become more exciting.


Park Road-Pantanal: 120 kilometers of clod housing hotels, guesthouses and farms. During the trip, a large number of animals and typical birds of the region are sighted.

Observation of nocturnal animals: this activity can be done in boat, Jeep or car. Night is a good time to see alligators, wolves and, with a little bit of luck, the famous Jaguar.

Boat ride: this road by the rivers can be done in luxury boats or small rowing boats. The tour provides a closer view of the flora and fauna of the region. Remember, the sunsets from here are breathtaking.

Horseback riding: the tour is held within the cattle ranches, running trails among vegetation and wetlands, the excitement is guaranteed.


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- Airports: Aeroporto Internacional de Campo Grande


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