4 days of unforgettable activities into the wild, such as canoeing, nocturnal sightseeing, hiking, piranha fishing, sunrise contemplation, looking for pink and grey dolphins, techniques and practicing of bow and arrow, and visiting local communities, where you will get to know their traditions and lifestyle.

Via: Amazon


Canoeing through the Igapós and Igarapés

Hear the forest and explore the rivers. In canoes for up to 2 people, you can watch the scenery changing as you paddle along waters and between trees.

Visit to the local community

Canoe trip on Rio Negro and visit to a local caboclo community. Get to know their lifestyle, traditions, agriculture and social organization.

Anavilhanas Archipelag Nocturnal Sightseeing

Enjoy the unique feeling of the nightlife inside the forest, lightened by the stars, exploring the igapós to spot birds, sloths, snakes and alligators hidden in the sounds of darkness.

Techniques and practice of bow and arrow

Have fun with Waimiri-Atroari’s original artifacts and learn techniques to sharpen your aim and hit the targets. Quick introduction to indigenous traditions and way of life.

Hiking on dryland forests

Led by experienced local guides, explore areas that are not affected by floods – the firm forests or dryland forests. During the tour, learn about trees, fruits and wild fruits, survival strategies and medicinal herbs.

Tour in the archipelag of Anavilhanas, looking for pink dolphins

The countless canals, lakes and islands of one of the world’s largest river archipelagos are explored in seeking of Pink and Grey Dolphins.

Recreational piranha fishing or jungle hike into the flooded forest

Enjoy the amazing scenery and catch some fish during this fun activity done in canoes along the igarapés. In the dry season, from September to December, water gets warmer and fish are more concentrated in the National Park, where fishing is not allowed. However, during this same period, it is possible to walk through the islands of the Anavilhanas Archipelago and to know closely the differences of fauna and flora of the firm forest and the forest of igapó, characteristics of the Amazon Forest.

Sunrise Contemplation

Leaving at dawn, the guest will be taken to the islands to watch the birds flying and the beauty of all the colors when the sun rises in the Amazon sky.


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