Located in the northern region of Brazil, the Brazilian Amazon has 63.4% of the Amazon rainforest and 5 million square kilometers of the Amazon basin. Temperatures range from 23 to 36°C/73°F to 96°F.


All year round. Between December and May, it is possible to go by boat to the "igapós" part of the forest that remains marshy after the withdrawal of the flood waters.

Between July and November its ideal to enjoy the river beaches, which disappear during the flood season.


Encontro das Águas (Meeting of the Waters): unique phenomenon in the whole world, where the rivers Negro and Solimões meet, but don’t mix for more than ten kilometers.

Januari Ecological Park: It's the place to enjoy beautiful aquatic plants, including the Victoria amazonica, the largest of water lilies in the world. It is also worth enjoying a hike through the woods, lunch at a floating restaurant and buying handcrafts memories made by locals.

Visit to Indigenous Community: enjoy the trip to meet the Dessana tribe, an indigenous village that accepts tourists. Here it is possible to participate in dances, festivities and enjoy the typical foods of the community.

Swimming with pink dolphins: don’t miss out the chance to meet this rare species of dolphin, a symbol of culture and biodiversity of the Amazon.

Floating Villas: houses, churches, markets, sidewalks, everything is built on stilts on the water. There’s a chance you’ll see and maybe even touch snakes, alligators, sloths.


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- Airport:   Aeroporto Internacional Eduardo Gomes - Manaus 


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