Brazilian gastronomy and its traditional Açaí

Brazilian gastronomy and its traditional Açaí
At the crossroads between red fruits and cocoa, the taste of Acai is unique.

Açaí is a small purple berry from a species of palm native to South America. More specifically

This berry usually grows in swampy areas where few species normally survive. However, thanks to
this, Açaí has enormous benefits and virtues for humans.

In fact, Açaí is particularly effective in protecting against cardiovascular diseases but also in
promoting weight loss and a good digestion. Indeed, just like Guaraná, this berry is a natural
appetite suppressant that will be of great help to give vigor and energy to your body.

Here, in Brazil, Açaí is consumed in several forms: in smoothie, in juice, but especially in bowl
where there are two ways. The Açaí bowl and the Açaízinho (the small bowl).

Generally, if you want to consume the holy grail, our favorite toppings are powdered milk, cocoa
powder, condensed milk but especially small pieces of fruit such as bananas and pineapple with some cereals.