The best destinations for a honeymoon in Brazil

The best destinations for a honeymoon in Brazil

Your honeymoon is a very special moment, right? The ceremony has passed and now is the time to enjoy your first days as a married couple. To celebrate this union, many newlyweds take the time to plan the perfect destination for their honeymoon.

Paradisiac beaches, historical destinations or even full of adventure: there is an option for every type of couple. Are you ready to find that perfect place for a honeymoon, getting to know the most beautiful destinations in Brazil?

We have separated 6 of the best Brazilian destinations for all kinds of honeymoons. Keep up!


Fernando de Noronha – Pernambuco

This one couldn’t stay out of our list. Fernando de Noronha is known internationally for its paradisiacal climate of the archipelago located in Pernambuco state. Although it gathers several tourists, you can still find quieter spots to enjoy its nature-carved beauties.

A very romantic destination, Fernando de Noronha has 21 islands for the couple to choose where to go diving, swimming with dolphins or simply contemplate a unique view! Not to mention the wonderful lookouts that will result in beautiful photos.

The cluster of islands offers great dining options with views of the region, typical inns and bungalows, as well as diverse places for long and peaceful walks enjoying the love that’s in the air.


Costa Verde – Rio de Janeiro

A paradisiacal place, the Costa Verde (literally Green Coast) is made up of the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, Itaguaí, Mangaratiba, Paraty, Angra dos Reis and Rio Claro. To confirm the beauty of the region, the “Lonely Planet” Guide has placed it among the top 10 in the world to travel.

All of these locations have their own charms, but we can highlight two in particular: the magnificent Angra dos Reis and the historic Paraty, our special spotlights.

Following the beach vibe, Angra dos Reis offers a wide choice of destinations to enjoy in this paradise on Earth. There are 365 islands, one for each day of the year. In addition, there are thousands of beaches around, so it’s clear that there will be no shortage of routes to do.

Angra is only 170 km from the carioca capital, but the climate of tranquility and warmth is immensely greater. Surrounded by nature and crystal clear water, it is also surrounded by the Atlantic Forest and the Serra do Mar.

The dining options are a show of its own. Seafood dishes gain space among world-class hotel chains with world-class services. Here you will find both friendly hostels and the most luxurious resorts.

Fans of long walks won’t miss anything either. In addition to walking along the shores of some of the many beaches, the couple can also enjoy a trip to the ecological sanctuary of Saco do Céu, diving among fish and coral in the Botinas Islands or even schooner at sunset. What a place!

In Paraty, the historic climate will attract the couple who’s looking for a city full of charm. Great beaches and even better restaurants are combined with the cultural attractions, which includes the already iconic FLIP, an event with leading guests from the literary world.

Paraty Historic Center tours are also highly recommended. Among the centuries-old buildings, a romantic mood hangs in the air.

Enjoying the historic climate of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, is quite a program for your honeymoon. The city boasts charm and beautiful beaches, great restaurants and many cultural attractions.


The paradisiacal beaches of Bahia

Being the largest state in the Northeast, Bahia keeps its secrets. Among them, paradise beaches that you hardly believe could exist! After all, the longest coastline in the world certainly has a lot to offer its visitors.

Receptive people, local food rich in spices and a lot of beach weather cradle the days of those who spend their honeymoon on the beaches of Bahia. Warm waters, colorful cliffs and breathtaking hills will be part of the couple’s routine.

There are so many options that it is easier to invest in an extended honeymoon. Special highlights go to the Maraú Peninsula, Boipeba Island, Morro de Sao Paulo, Itacaré, Trancoso and Caraiva. Want some special tips?

In Praia do Espelho, in Caraíva, you will find one of the most beautiful Brazilian coastal regions. Calm seas, coconut trees embellishing the view and perfect fresh water for diving are only part of the beauty package.

Are you looking for nature everywhere? If you are, it’s worth visiting the Maraú peninsula, a region of beaches, waterfalls and natural pools to enjoy the best moments as a couple. Taipus de Fora is also a highlight, with its huge natural coral pool.

Those who go to the island of Boipeba always comes back full of compliments to the place. It was once considered the most beautiful island in Brazil and offers crystal clear waters, plenty of vegetation, sand and a true refuge for couples.


Port of Galinhas – Pernambuco

The Porto de Galinhas Village, in Ipojuca, Pernambuco state, is another coastal option that combines white sand, unique natural pools and many diving destinations for the more adventurous couples.

Much of the region’s fame comes from the immense set of reefs near the shore, a beautiful invitation for moments of unique contact with nature. A former fishing village, Porto de Galinhas has quickly become an important tourist center.

Therefore, there are great lodging options nowadays, including hotels, inns, resorts and residential condominiums with vacation homes. The city structure is made for welcoming people from all over the world.

Our tip for the honeymoon couple is a long buggy ride through the sand and roads of the village, known as an “end-to-end ride”. Thus, you can see a bit of Muro Alto, Cupe and Maracaipe, beautiful and emblematic points of the region.


Pantanal – Mato Grosso do Sul

Your honeymoon can also be the time search the most exuberant views in nature, especially when your stage is Brazil. In Mato Grosso do Sul, you will find the Pantanal (Swamp), one of the most beautiful spots in the country, full of adventure to offer.

The region has been elected a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which is already a sign of all its beauty. Ecological routes are also part of some guesthouse packages, usually offering expert-guided contemplation activities.

For the more adventurous couples, this is a true natural refuge with lots of biodiversity. It is a unique way of experiencing Brazillian wilderness.


In conclusion

In the end, the honeymoon trip reflects the unique characteristics of each relationship. For the more peaceful couples, Brazillian historic beaches and getaways offer contemplative walks, photo opportunities to complete the wedding album and great dining options.

For the more adventurous, ecological routes and the chance to peek into the preserved natural beauty. All in all, there is a piece of Brazil for every couple and every style of honeymoon. Have you found yours yet?