It’s June, let’s party!

It’s June, let’s party!

Brazilian June Festivals (“Festas Juninas”) allow you to discover some aspects of the country´s regional diversity because the dances, the music, the food and the games take on different local colors.

Without going into the merits of the origins, linked to the traditions of Portuguese colonizers, on the one hand, and the peasant religiosity, on the other, it is important to remember that the references to Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter seek to associate details of the life of these saints with the daily life in the countryside, in a fun and joyful atmosphere. Hence the countryside wedding, the bonfire that socializes, the fireworks that light up the sky and invite us to contemplate the firmament.

An unmissable attraction at “Festas Juninas” is the tasting of typical dishes of a cuisine that includes, in its menu, food variations made from corn, such as canjica, corn cake, curau, pamonha, and, depending on the region, ingredients such as pine kernels and peanuts.

If Carnaval is one of the motivations for immersing into Brazilian culture, the “Festas Juninas” are another beautiful option.

Some paradisiacal places in the Northeast are incredible for combining tourism and typical festivities in your trip.

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