Meet the Lençóis Maranhenses and the Route of Emotions

Meet the Lençóis Maranhenses and the Route of Emotions

If you are looking for natural beauty preserved in a unique historical route, Lençóis Maranhenses is a true paradise hidden in the heart of northeastern Brazil.

One of the main tourist destinations in the area still has a 900 km route known as the Route of Emotions. Between tourist attractions and lush scenery, the route goes through the states of Ceará, Maranhão and Piauí.

In this path, nature is the main star. Part of this journey are three areas of environmental protection, between Jericoacoara National Park (CE), Lençóis Maranhenses National Park (MA) and Parnaíba Delta Environmental Protection Area (PI).

Are you interested in seeing all the exuberance of Brazilian nature in a unique route through some of the most beautiful cities in the northeast? We have special tips for you to enjoy every moment of this path.


A historic paradise ready to welcome you

One of the main destinations of this route, the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park was created in 1981 and has a total area of ​​156.5 thousand hectares. There you will find the element that best defines the Route of Emotions: the huge dunes formed by the force of the winds.

In the midst of this time-carved desert you also find rainwater-formed lagoons, resulting in a major beauty impact point to this unique setting. It is definitely a unique sight.

Created to stimulate tourism in the region, the Emotions Route project counts on qualified companies through product making, service improvements and promotion of connected destinations.

In other words, the Route of Emotions is ready to provide the best experiences for tourists from all over the globe.


What to do in Lençóis Maranhenses? Tips for special attractions:

There are many attractions that you can enjoy all along this route. To make your life a little easier, let’s talk about some special highlights. One of the best known places, for example, is the city of Barreirinhas.

It is 250 km away from São Luís, capital of Maranhão, and offers a complete structure to receive tourists. Surrounded by the waters of the Preguiças River, this natural beauty is diverse and eye-popping!

Of course, the Route of Emotions has much more to offer. Stay with us and read all about it.


Santo Amaro

Municipality located southwest of the National Park, Santo Amaro comprises most of its territory. Known as a “hidden paradise”, Santo Amaro is famous for its almost unexplored and very well preserved virgin nature.

It is also famous for its amazing lagoons. Some say they are the most beautiful among the base cities of Lençóis Maranhenses. In addition to all this, Santo Amaro has another advantage: its proximity to the National Park.

It is possible to explore the Park on foot if you’d like. Just an hour’s walk to dive into the waters and contemplate the dunes of this true paradise.


Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

Of course, the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park itself is a must see destination. Adventure and contemplation go together here, offering the most beautiful sights on the coast of the state of Maranhão.

Placed on the cerrado and with a strong presence of Caatinga and the Amazon itself, the park houses common species of the 3 biomes, in all their diversity. There are 155 thousand hectares of an ecosystem that holds sandbanks, mangroves and, of course, a dune field.

There’s also no need to pay any entrance fees. The access is made by “gardeners”, adapted trucks that take passengers into the park.


Atins Tour

Atins is a paradise hidden among the lagoons of Maranhão. Tourists arriving at Atins find tranquility, lush nature and the experience of enjoying chill moments in a small, remote village.

Between dunes and lagoons, a beautiful sunset view is guaranteed here! But in addition, it is still worth trying the local cuisine, with historic establishments that serve seafood with that special Brazilian touch.

It’s worth taking some time to get to know Canto de Atins on a long walk by the beach and choose a good bar to end the day with great drinks and a better view!


The village of Jericoacoara

Located in Ceará, Jericoacoara village is a unique destination in Brazil. One thing is certain: Jericoacoara was once considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. That’s why you can be sure that this is a must see destination!

One of the most prestigious destinations in Ceará (and Brazil as a whole), Jericoacoara is also known as one of the most prestigious international destinations. What was a fishing village has become a tourist route for those seeking rustic beauties.

Highlights go to the beautiful Prea Beach, the walk to Pedra Furada and Lagoa Azul, in the municipality of Cruz. The region around Lagoa do Paraíso also brings, besides its natural attributes, a vast choice of restaurants and bars for the trendiest tourists.

A quiet destination during the day, Jericoacoara can be very lively at night, with lots of forró, samba and typical Brazilian drinks, such as the good national caipirinha.


The Beauties of the Parnaíba Delta

The tour through the Parnaíba Delta, located in Piauí, is a chance to get to know yet another side of Brazilian nature, besides the cultural concentration formed by the riverside community.

The name comes from the formation of a delta that closely resembles an open hand. In this case, the “fingers of this hand” represent different “Bars”: Barra do Caju, Barra de Tutoia, Barra do Igaraçu, Barra das Canarias and Barra da Melancieira.

They all branch out and end up in the Ocean Delta. Incidentally, the Parnaíba Delta is the only open sea in the Americas, and is one of the three largest in the world in size and, of course, natural beauty (compared to the Nile, to give you an idea).

The region’s community is made up of fishermen, crab pickers and artisans who teach, in practice, how to live in an integrated way with nature.

It is a chance to discover a more sustainable way of life and enjoy the cultural craftwork that local artists have to offer.

Here is also the Parnaíba Delta Environmental Protection Area, with a fauna made up of typical animals such as guaras, herons, capuchin monkeys and capybaras. Everything coming together in a large and very well preserved area.


Preguiças River Tour and visit to the Lighthouse

This is another landmark of local nature. The Preguiças River is located in the heart of Maranhão, with its source in the municipality of Anapurus. From there, the route has 120 km, passing through Barreirinhas and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Its route offers tourists a scenario of mangroves and dunes at a perfect pace to take photos and enjoy every moment. After all, the river is named after its calm waters.

The boat ride through the Preguiças riverbed is a great choice. Another highlight is the Preguiças Lighthouse (also known as Mandacaru Lighthouse), located in the village of Mandacaru.

After climbing 160 steps, the visitor is surprised by a wonderful view of the river mouth of the Preguiças River. A unique opportunity!


What is the best season to do the Route of Emotions?

The best season for the Route of Emotions is between June and August. The lagoons are very full and the rains are scarce. Remember that this route is heavily visited by tourists from all over the world, especially during the high season.

The best time to visit Jericoacoara is between July and December, when the rains are very rare and the days are very sunny. However, even during the rainy season, which starts in January and extends until early June, the visit of the region is also pleasant.

This is because cloudy days are rare and the rains are usually accompanied by quick showers that soon pass.